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What's the difference between the TTSCpedia app and the mobile web version of the TTSCpedia?

The TTSCpedia app is meant to provide a more optimized and streamlined experience for browsing the TTSCpedia. Since it is a native app, articles tend to load faster while using less data.

Of course, the TTSCpedia app is still under development, and lacks some features that the web version of the TTSCpedia has.

Where can I find the latest release notes?


Who are the developers of the app(s)?


Which devices are supported by the TTSCpedia app?

For Android, the app should work on all devices running Android 4.4 (KitKat) or higher.

The TTSCpedia team currently doesn't have the resources to make an iOS version of the app just yet.

What features are available?

Explore feed


Search for articles


Set/change wiki language


Search within page


Read in different languages




Reading Lists




What still has to be done?

Here's a list of features we haven't completed yet, but are either planned or in development:

  • SocialProfile functionality (viewing user profiles, sending friend/foe requests, viewing your user board, etc.) (Work-in-progress)
  • Talk pages (Work-in-progress)
  • Wiki Chat (Planned)
  • More feed cards (Bare-bones development started)
  • Ability to create new pages (Planned)
  • Theme settings synchronization (Planned)

Reading Lists Synchronization (beta)

Are reading lists synced across all devices that are logged into my TTSCpedia account?

Yes, they should be. However, this feature is currently in beta and may not work as intended, so we encourage any mobile TTSCpedia users to test out this feature!

I'm having trouble synchronizing my lists. What should I do?

If you're having trouble synchronizing your reading lists, be sure you are logged into the app, and synchronization is enabled in the app's settings. If you are logged in and have sync enabled, but you're still having problems, please tell us!

When will this feature land on other platforms?

The Android app will have this feature when it launches. The iOS app will also have this feature when it launches. However, it is unknown when the feature will be added to the web version of the TTSCpedia.

Android Security and Permissions

Why does the app need the Identity permission (on Android 5.x.x or earlier)?

On Android versions earlier than 6.0 Marshmellow, this permission is needed so that the app can integrate with your TTSCpedia account, so your reading lists and preferences are synchronized across your devices while you're logged in. (Note that this feature is still under development)

Why does the app need the Location permission?

This is merely a leftover from the Wikipedia app's "Nearby" feature, where that permission was needed in order for the app to detect your location and display articles near your current location. (The feature was removed from the TTSCpedia app and no plans to reinstate it have been made.) This permission is not required for any features in the TTSCpedia app, and the permission will be completely gone in a future update, as nothing other than the scrapped Nearby feature uses it.

Why does the app need the Photos/Media/Files permission?

This permission allows you to download pictures onto your device using the TTSCpedia app.

Why does the app need the Full Network Access permission?

This permission lets the app determine the network state and quality, and adjust the data usage accordingly.

Why does the app need the Startup (Boot Completed) permission?

This permission lets the app fire up the notification polling service (if that setting is enabled) at startup, so you can get push notifications from the TTSCpedia, even after rebooting your device.